$1Q47 Million

Haruki Murakami just became the super-star saviour of the South Korean literary scene. In a country where readership is falling, and the few and fewer physical books replaced by an explosion of electronic devices, Murakami is an author that still manages to gather wide readership and sales.

The Minumsa Publishing Group has won the publishing rights to Murakami’s new book, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, after a fierce publishing battle in the past few months. Although the bid price was not disclosed, sources believe the payment to be at least 150 million yen – or $1.47 million, which would be the highest royalty payment to a foreign author.

via Korea Times

The book outlines the deteriorating relationship between Tsukuru and Sara. In search of an answer Tsukuru decides to visit his high school friends whom his troubled relations with he thinks is the key to salvaging his relationship. Although we do not know when an English translation will come out, both KL and I are excited for this latest venture. No doubt it will remain close to Murakami’s aesthetics and style – as illustrated wonderfully through Grant Snyder’s Murakami bingo.



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