Blocks & Books

Now after a week of demonstrations in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, the determined protestors are firm in their intention to continue their resistance. Yoga lessons, classical music concerts and a park-cinema are amongst the surreal ‘protests’ being held in the square, whilst the future of Turkey is being, concordantly, played out by the clash between the government and the defiant public.

Gezi Park is now home to a make-shift library, set up by high school teacher Aylin Erkan. With individuals and bookstores distributing and donating books, already more than 5000 books are standing their ground, arranged on breeze-blocks – with a simple tarpaulin to keep out the rain.

Inevitably culture plays a part at the heart of the current situation, a backlash against the recent governmental demolition plans. Protesting against the destruction of Istanbul’s heritage, an opera house, a mosque and one of Istanbul’s last central green parks are some examples of the things the protestors are fighting for. As Erkan puts it beautifully:

If a building is going to be built, it shouldn’t be a shopping center but a library. I know that’s a romantic idea but isn’t this whole protest a romantic idea.

via Yahoo News


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