Literary Taco was established, in part, to bridge the gap where we felt there was a lack of easily navigable, definitive information on lists, rankings, literary awards and prizes. The blog was made to provide ourselves with a forum for exploring our own interest in contemporary fiction and in the fascinating world of literary awards.

We aim to follow not only major literary prizes (such as the Nobel, the various Man Booker incarnations, the IMPAC Dublin award amongst others) but also minor prizes, that perhaps showcase a range of writers that deserve to be wider read. We want to highlight specifically international culture: the idea that literature can work towards a global movement, not limited by genre, language nor country. Not merely limited to just coverage, we also aim to review, to predict, to discuss.

All pieces on this blog, unless specified by our initials, will be a cooperative effort regardless of the singular author stated on the blog – a slight fault of WordPress. A high amount of communication and collaboration goes into each post, therefore, stylistic differences aside, the authorship in the large majority of our posts should be interchangeable and viewed as such.

Kelsey León is a third year University of Edinburgh English Literature student from Philadelphia, by way of Tokyo. She is interested in literary criticism, particularly postmodern constructions of national identity. Her favourite novels include: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the WorldThe Sound and the Fury and If On a Winter’s Night a Traveller. She is an aspiring editor and academic.

James Gao is currently studying Medicine, also at the University of Edinburgh. He hopes to specialise in global health and tropical medicine, whilst retaining an interest in medical humanities. His poetry has appeared in anthologies before and he is currently trying to publish his short stories. Brideshead Revisited, Red Sorghum and East of Eden are some of his favourite novels.


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